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Welcome. I have created this site to publish some of my short fiction, which I write under the name of Grace L. Sutherland. Many of you visiting may already know me under my real name, Lynn B. Fowler, but since I use that name for my Christian non-fiction writing, I wanted to put a little distance between the two by using a different name for fiction.

My Dad was a writer (you can find a book of his poems here) and I guess it is part of my DNA, because I can’t remember a time when I didn’t write. Throughout difficult teenage and early adult years, writing poetry kept me sane by enabling me to put my feelings onto paper. Some of those poems were even published in various papers and magazines.

I also had a children’s book published way back in 1990. It did quite well, both here in Australia and in the USA, and was actually nominated for the Children’s Book of the Year Award in Australia. It didn’t win, but just to have been nominated was a great honour.

Most of what I have written since my mid-20s has been non-fiction aimed at the Christian market, and although I have written some fiction it has been very much a “poor cousin.” Of course, I will always write Christian non-fiction, but I really want to also write fiction for the general market, and have a couple of ideas for novels running around in my head.

This web site is about “priming the pump” toward that end. I hope you will enjoy the stories I offer here, and that you will invite your friends to also come and visit.

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